Side-by-Side of Transformer and Infrared Thermograph of Its Heat Signature
Infrared thermography is one of many Predictive Maintenance technologies offered by Reliability Testing Services, LLC. Documenting the thermal condition of critical assets allows for electrical and mechanical equipment problems to be located and addressed early in the failure process. This provides a safer environment, reduced costs due to heat loss, confirmation of mechanical systems, all leading to an increase in equipment reliability. We’re not a “one size fits all” service company, so contact us to determine how we can support your specific needs.
State-of-the art equipment coupled with experienced, certified technicians and accurate, timely reporting will provide superior results in any application. We offer a variety of reporting options, or we will build a reporting format to suit your specific application. Contact us to discuss your specific needs or applications.

Thermography Case Study 

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Skin Surveys
Skin surveys are extremely useful in exposing areas of damaged or missing insulation and refractory. Hot exhaust gas leaks are also evident. This type of information is essential in making informed, data driven decisions!
Thermographic skin survey image
Overview of a combustion turbine heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).
Thermographic electrical survey image
Hot areas noted on the side of the transition portion of a combustion turbine heat recovery steam generator (HRSG).
Thermographic skin survey image
Pipe penetration showing a hot exhaust gas leak.
Thermographic electrical survey image
Electrical Surveys
Excessive heating on phase 1 on the line side of the top starter.
Excessive heating on the phase 2 knife of the disconnect.
Mechanical Surveys
Note that the bearing on the right is much warmer than the bearing on the left. This is indicative of a lubrication deficiency or a bearing fault.
Thermographic mechanical survey image
Storage tank level detection using infrared imaging.
Thermographic mechanical survey image