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Motor Circuit Evaluation is an off-line test for motors that yields inductive balance, resistive balance, resistance and capacitance to ground as a trendable indicator of motor stator winding health. The test is also useful in diagnosis of faulty or broken rotor bars, eccentricity, insulation system health and defective or deteriorating motor connections.

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Polarization Indexing
This is an off- line (de-energized) test for the integrity of the insulation system in a motor stator. Resistances to ground readings are acquired every 5 seconds, and are plotted for diagnostic and trending purposes. This test yields a ratio that is a measure of the motor’s insulation systems ability to saturate and hold a charge without “leaking” to ground, and is quite often used as an indicator of when a motor needs to be removed from service for a basic cleaning / overhaul cycle. Test voltages are available up to 5000 volts DC.
Standard AC Motor Test
This is an off-line test that yields resistance to ground, capacitance to ground, resistive balancing, and inductive balancing of the motor windings. These are the key indicators of motor overall health and cleanliness. Results are trendable.
The above tests, when performed together, will yield an excellent snap-shot of motor stator winding and insulation system condition.