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Reliability Testing Services 2022 Brochure
Vibration Analysis
Utilizing vibration analysis to assess the health of critical plant assets is a core strength of Reliability Testing Services. Our technicians are ISO Certified and come with a strong background and understanding of plant maintenance. Currently, we are supporting vibration programs at over 100 locations, monitoring thousands of assets across the US, and we can help you too.
Infrared thermography is one of many Predictive Maintenance technologies offered by Reliability Testing Services, LLC. Documenting the thermal condition of critical assets allows for electrical and mechanical equipment problems to be located and addressed early in the failure process. This provides a safer environment, reduced costs due to heat loss, confirmation of mechanical systems, all leading to an increase in equipment reliability. We’re not a “one size fits all” service company, so contact us to determine how we can support your specific needs.
Motor Circuit Evaluation
Motor Circuit Evaluation is an off-line type of testing that requires that the motor be de-energized and is typically performed during down periods. It is extremely useful in providing indicators of stator winding and insulation system health. An off-line test for motors that yields inductive balance, resistive balance, resistance and capacitance to ground as a trendable indicator of motor stator health. Also useful in diagnosis of faulty or broken rotor bars, eccentricity, and defective or deteriorating motor connections.
On-Line Motor Testing
On-line motor testing is extremely useful in assessing rotor condition in induction motors as tested under normal operating conditions. This is accomplished through spectral analysis at the first and fifth harmonics of line frequency. This testing also yields current imbalance expressed as a percentage under load, and impedance imbalance as a trendable measure of stator condition.
Power quality assessment, including measures of total harmonic distortion and crest factor, is performed in those cases where voltage and current signals (PTs and CTs on any testing over 600 volts) are both available. This type of testing also offers the advantage of being non-intrusive to production operations.
Balancing / Alignment
Misalignment and unbalance induces stress and unnecessary wear on rotating equipment – minimizing their vibration is essential in prolonging their life. Our dynamic balancing and laser alignment services are administered by ISO certified technicians who are trained in addressing these issues.
Passive Ultrasonic Listening
Offered for mechanical applications such as high and low speed bearings, air / gas leaks, steam traps, etc. Also extremely useful in medium to high voltage electrical applications for arcing, tracking, and corona detection where safety issues prohibit the opening of electrical enclosures. This type of testing has been proven to be valuable in both short term trouble-shooting and longer term (results trending) applications.
Reliability Testing
In this type of testing, multiple technologies are applied to accurately assess current machine condition. This method of testing has been proven to be valuable in both short and longer term (results trending) applications.
Reliability Engineering
Your assets’ Reliability is essential to remaining competitive in today’s economic climate. Unplanned downtime costs industries millions of dollars each day in process and service interruptions. Applied Technical Services, the parent company of RTS, provides comprehensive Reliability services that translate into improved safety, product quality, productivity, and efficiency by helping you develop and sustain a comprehensive reliability program to prevent failure from ever occurring. Contact us so that we can learn more about your situation so that together we can develop a plan to address your issues.
Training Services
Offered to ASNT-TC-1A specifications for Levels 1 and 2 thermographers. Also offered for basic AC/DC motor theory and testing technologies.
And More
We also perform the following services in addition. If you do not find the precise service you are looking for listed on this page, contact us at (832) 423-2400 to speak to a representative about how we can help you!
*indicates services provided by Applied Technical Services, parent company of RTS
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