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Reliability Testing Services, LLC is a leading provider of Reliability and Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Services utilizing multiple inspection technologies and maintenance strategies. Our objective is straightforward — Provide Quality Services with Honesty and Integrity. Our experienced, ISO-certified technicians are spread throughout the country, so we are always nearby. Currently, we are monitoring plant assets at 100+ locations across the US. Our proven suite of Reliability and Predictive Maintenance services will inform you of which assets have problems, what those problems are, the severity of our findings, and the rate at which they are developing. With this comes recommended Maintenance actions, allowing you to prioritize your Maintenance activities and optimize the use of your limited Maintenance resources to mitigate unplanned downtime and its associated costs.

About Us

RTS leverages multiple, complementary technologies to confirm suspected faults with increased accuracy. We communicate any findings that arise during our tests and assessments in a professional report, along with our Recommended Maintenance Actions. Currently, we are providing our Reliability-based services at over 100 locations across the US across multiple industries.
Note that Reliability Testing Services, LLC is an independent testing service provider. We don’t offer any repair services — we offer proven High-Quality Services with Honesty and Integrity.
Our objectives for your facility include:

What if I already have a PdM Program?

Many of our customers have some level of Predictive Maintenance expertise in-house but are typically missing elements that could help take them to a World Class Program status. Our offerings are not a “one size fits all” solution — we partner with our customers, augmenting their programs by providing skill sets that are currently missing. Together, with our customers, we develop an approach that supports their current structure and provides the missing elements that will make their Reliability & Predictive Maintenance program a success.
In addition to our wide array of training courses shown below, customer specific training can be developed to address specific subjects that are needed to improve the functionality and effectiveness of your activities. Contact us so collectively we can develop a strategy that is specific to your needs.
Training Subjects
*indicates training performed by Applied Technical Services, LLC (parent company of RTS)